How to Clean a Painted Wall? Best Painting Services

If you feel pride about maintaining your home tidy and clean, then you must have some tips to keep your home in the best way. Do you have any tips for cleaning the walls? If your painted walls are losing light then here we have some tips to clean them instead of applying a new coat of paint. Wall Painting Services in Dubai. Cleaning your walls well once a year can significantly lighten up your home. Clean walls properly to enhance their look, but not that much which harms the paint.

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Wall cleaning is just one of the tasks to keep your home clean but it’s a big task. If you require guidance, call an expert team of Interior Painting Services in Dubai. Such experts understand the best way to clean walls within less time.

  • Keep Such Things on Hand: Wall cleaning does not need any specific wall cleaner things. You may need the things you have available at your home like:
  • Liquid or dish wash
  • Water
  • Soft broom
  • Soft cloths or rags and Tack cloth
  • Buckets
  • Stain remover
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Foam brush

These are some of the basic items you may need for most wall cleaning processes you need to have the task done.

  • Remove Dust from Walls: First of all, start cleaning your wall, dust off any excess dirt from the wall, otherwise, dirt will be spread over the wall. Clean dirt using a cloth or with a soft broom with a cloth. You also have to move all the furniture and items hung on the wall to have enough space to clean the wall.
  • Wash the Walls: Wash your wall just using plain warm water or detergent water. To prepare detergent water, just take one bucket of warm water and stir liquid hand or dish soap. Now use the softest sponge to wash the wall but don’t over soak it. As it may potentially keep some water stains on your walls. Now leave it for 5-10 minutes.

After that, clean it using clean water. Washing the wall is really an easy task which you can do by yourself but it obviously needs some time. So if you are a busy person then contact any Wall Painting Services in Dubai.

  • Clean Stains: Do you have stains there on your wall? Then you can use baking soda or vinegar. Use a half cup of baking soda with a fourth cup of water and prepare a paste from it. Painting Dubai. Now rub the mix to the wall with a cloth and it will remove the stains. To use vinegar, just mix a cup of white vinegar and a full bucket of warm water and use a soft sponge to remove stains.
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How to Keep Your Walls Clean?

You can keep a freshly painted appearance on your walls by having them free of dust and stains. Trying to prevent it in good condition means less time needed to scrub walls later. Or you can simply contact any Maintenance Company in Dubai to have best Painting Services in Dubai.

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