Frequently Asked Questions

You can count on to deliver exceptional home care. By collaborating with the top local service providers, we’re able to provide homeowners with high-quality home repair and maintenance services at a fixed price.

You must sign a service agreement if you plan to use services regularly.

You can either pay the crew member in cash or use a debit or credit card to pay online. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Work typically begins between 24 and 72 hours after payment has been received. During the quote process, one of our customer service representatives will offer an estimate. employs its staff and relies on a network of reputable service suppliers. Our professionals have been thoroughly vetted and are bonded and insured for your protection. In addition, we guarantee our work since we place client happiness at the top of our priority list. Our trusted partners may provide specialized services, but you can be confident that they have been thoroughly vetted, just like our personnel.

Get rid of everything that might get in the way of your project. Throughout the project, make sure that dogs and children are kept in a location that will cause the least disruption. We can work around your schedule if you’d like to remain at home while we finish up.

Experts believe that, to preserve cleanliness and performance, air conditioning equipment should be maintained every 3-4 months. Drain pipes and drip trays accumulate debris and must be cleaned regularly in order to prevent leaks. In addition, the electrical system should be inspected, and the filters should be cleaned to guarantee that the air is as clean as possible.

No. With the exception of maintaining your system on Auto and shutting off rooms as needed to keep your operating costs down, your system should not require any additional maintenance. Regular service is required, but it should always be carried out by qualified professionals due to the fact that it involves potentially hazardous electrical work as well as climbing into ceilings and rooftops, among other things.