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AED 120 / Hour



AED 120 / Hour



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Water pump repair Dubai
Plumber in Dubai

Plumber in Dubai

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Plumbing Services in Dubai

Plumbing Services Company in Dubai - JustCare

You must look for the best team of Plumbing Services in Dubai, Arabian Ranches. Well, your search is over. You are on the right page for work-related plumbing in Dubai. We at JustCare offer the best plumbing services in Dubai. Our professionals are experienced and trained to deliver the ultimate plumber services in Dubai. We all need the service of an emergency plumber in Dubai. In that case, we can assure you of our services. Our emergency plumbers are always ready to respond to your call. JustCare aims to satisfy customers with the best plumber services in Dubai. Just Care believes in offering the highest quality plumbing services.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about all aspects of plumbing systems. With an ever-growing population, there is an increased demand for plumbing services. Plumbers provide a range of services including installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of plumbing systems. They also offer advice on how to maintain and improve existing systems.

Contact Emergency Plumbers in Dubai

Professionals who work with us can identify problems and fix them right. Our plumbers in Dubai have the training and skill to handle any problems with plumbing. We believe in honesty and sincerity. Our customers know that we like to work with efficiency. We must identify the problems in your home or office. We can handle anything with our best plumbing services in Dubai. There might be a water leakage or general plumbing requirements in your home. It would help if you didn't wait long before repairing the leaks. This might be better for your home.

When to Call Our Team of Plumber Services in Dubai?

You might consider that a little leak is just a small thing, while it is not. If it still needs to be solved or repaired ineffectively, the issue will likely worsen, and you will need to solve a full-scale plumbing issue. Hence, if anything happens, you must have so many plumbing services in Dubai in your hand. Get in touch with us to avail the best plumbing services in Arabian Ranches. We are recognized as one of the leading Handyman in Dubai so contact us through our helpline number or email. We are available 24x7.

The best Plumber in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer to fit, repair, and maintain pipes, water leakage, and fix leaky faucets, taps, showers, sink plugs, and drain plugs. JustCare home maintenance company has an expert plumber in Dubai who can give immediate support 24/7. We are a leading Plumbing Services Company in Dubai for the best emergency plumber and plumbing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We understand common home problems that can affect your plumbing, such as:

  • Blocked WC, drains, showers, and sinks.
  • Leaking water in the ceiling, walls, and floors
  • Corroded or faulty flexible hoses
  • Maintenance Company in Dubai
  • Broken fixtures in WC, washbasins, and bidets
  • Faulty mixer taps and gate valves
  • Blocked or clogged floor waste pipes

Our plumbers will be at your place at the time of your schedule. And we assure you about the quality we offer. Just pick up your phone and contact us now!

How Much Does A Plumber Cost In Dubai?

The average cost of plumbing repairs isn’t easy to determine. However, as the best Plumbing Services Company in Dubai, JustCare offers hourly base pricing as low as AED120. Plumbing Repair cost explained the hourly cost of hiring a plumber is only part of the service invoice. Other charges included in the bill are the cost of parts, a percentage markup on those parts, and diagnostic inspection charges if needed. Small jobs may have a minimum charge that makes up the total plumbing repair cost.

As a homeowner, you will face one, many, or all of the following situations.

  • Clogged Drain: A clogged drain is a simple matter of an obstruction blocking the flow of water. A plumber can usually fix the affected Drain for around AED 150 per unit in Dubai.
  • Fixture Replacements and Minor Repairs: It will be charged at a flat rate of AED120 per hour.
  • Faucet Repair or Replacement: A leaking faucet needs its internal components replaced. A plumber can do that for about AED120 per hour.
  • Toilet Repair or Replacement: Water leakage from the toilet flush tank can be continuous, and it can cost you a lot in terms of heavy DEWA bills. Toilet repair is hour-based which is AED120 per hour.
  • Water Pump Repair or Replacement: The price of replacing the water pump varies greatly depending on the size and make, though you can expect to pay from AED650 - AED3000 total.
  • Plumbing Appliance Repair: Repairs and installations of appliances can cost between AED120 to AED450. The price will depend on whether the appliance needs a simple fix, hookup, or complete re-installation.
  • Water Heater Repair or Replacement: Water heater varies in size, i.e., 50 liters, 80 liters, and 100 liters. Installation prices are between AED 250 - AED400 for the water heater replacement in Dubai.
  • Emergency Plumbers: Sometimes needs ceiling cuttings that cost the Emergency Plumbing Repair. If you know to shut off the water, you can save the cost incurred in an emergency. Emergency response plumbing in Dubai will cost you approximately AED350-500.