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Tips to Repair a Broken Water Leakage Pipe Till the Plumber Comes

No one desires to think about it, but a water pipe can break leak at any time. Yes, any time! And you must know the quick solution!

Being qualified to protect your home’s plumbing system from an unexpected rupture pipe can temporarily give relief from water spreading. Let’s go through some of these smart and easy fixes as plumbing first aid. It will help you to slow or halt a leak until the plumber in Dubai arrive at your place.

How Do You Know if a Water Pipe Has Burst?

A leaky pipe can make leaking that raises your water bill and also makes water harm to your place. The most visible mark is that you can see puddles of water on the floor. Or you can see the nearby walls are very wet or you can see the bubbles there. Sometimes water meters spin like mad.

If you notice any sign of pipe leakage, you have to call expert plumbing services in Dubai quickly. And then do some essential fixing to solve the problem temporarily.

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5 Tips to Repair a Water Leakage Pipe Till the Plumber Comes

As a temporary solution for your broken pipe, do the following steps.

  1. Stop the Relevant Water Supply Using Valve: If you notice a water pipe leak, turn the water supply valve off. But if you’re not sure where the water supply valve for that particular pipe is, you can turn off your home’s main valve. Then, open the tap nearest to the water leak to remove any leftover water.
  2. Dry the Pipe Well: After turning off the water supply valve, use a clean cloth to clean the wet surface and pipe as no patch will stick well in the wet area. Also, dry the surrounding furniture and appliances, sweep the floor, and clear the surface. You can limit more harm and set the place for the expert Emergency Plumber to repair.
  3. Fix the Joints: If your pipe is leaking, just take a flexible wrench and tighten the nearby joints’ nearby joints. If they are already tight, then it is ok but if they aren’t, stretching them can benefit from a harder seal, giving your temporary patchwork last till the expert plumber comes.
  4. Repair the Pipe: If you temporarily repair a broken pipe while waiting for the expert plumber to come also based on things available at your home. Like, Epoxy putty can easily be used here. Mix it in your hands, then push it in and around the hole of the pipe. If you don’t find any epoxy putty or pipe clamps, then use the duct tape. Use different layers around the broken pipe, use it as fast as you can, and the solution should continue until the expert plumber comes.
  5. Make the Pipe Ready to Repair: To successfully repair a cracked pipe, you must ensure the surface is smooth unless the patch won’t adhere. You can use a portion of sandpaper or a metal file, kindly clean any dust spots enclosing the area of the hole.
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